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Remember to make your repository private if you fork or create a new git repository

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Fullstack Web Framework

Tailwind CSS

Utility-first CSS Framework


Improves code quality

The template is built with Nuxt and Tailwind CSS. You need to have Node.js LTS installed on your machine. We do not recommend using the latest version of Node.js as they might introduce breaking changes and produce unexpected results with underlying dependencies.

Verify Node.js installation

You should see the version of Node.js you just installed, it should be at least 20.x.x


Install pnpm with corepack

Corepack is installed by default with Node.js. It allows you to install packages globally without polluting your global package space.


Verify pnpm installation

You should see the version of pnpm you just installed, it should be at least 8.x.x

For windows users, we recommend using WSL

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